Michel Bras Mandolin

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Cooking becomes more efficient and creative with a Michel BRAS mandoline.

This mandoline magically transforms foodstuff such as vegetables and fruits. Slice thickness is easily adjusted up to a maximum of 10 mm; there are five different blade attachments that produce a variety of cuts from simple slices to various julienne strips, as well as lively waffle cuts. The mandoline also improves productivity in the kitchen amazingly by cutting foodstuff efficiently and fast.

Slices are set to the desired thickness by simply turning a knob on top of the main unit to raise or lower the platform in a smooth motion. Thickness can be easily adjusted up to a maximum of 10 mm to achieve thick, yet delicate slices or on the contrary, to cut slices so thin that it is almost possible to see through them.

Five sharp-edged blade attachments produce various cuts. Enjoy making simple slices with a slicing blade or lively waffle cuts with a crinkling blade. Combine one of the julienne blades with a slicing blade to produce julienne strips in three different widths (3 mm, 7 mm, 10 mm).

To ensure safe use, the food cart holds foodstuff securely in place and protects the fingers.

With a Michel BRAS mandoline discover new culinary possibilities, a more creative and exciting cooking experience.


Main Unit

  • Stand folded - Size: 430 mm (length) x 130 mm (width) x 80 mm (height)
  • Stand unfolded - Size: 400 mm (length) x 130 mm (width) x 245 mm (height)
  • Weigh: 1700 g (without the blade)

Slicing blade

Crinkling blade

3mm julienne blade

  • Blade pitch: 3 mm

7mm julienne blade

  • Blade pitch: 7 mm

10mm julienne blade

  • Blade pitch: 10 mm

Food cart

  • Size: 145 mm x 145 mm x 65 mm

Blade storage case

  • Size: 166 mm x 153 mm x 30 mm

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